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Sunshine Coast Solar Panel Cleaning

Solar Panels that aren't regularly maintained can reduce the efficiency of your solar system by up to 35%!


For your solar panels to work effectively, they need to be able to capture as much sun as possible. Over time, buildup of dirt and grime is bound to happen and will cause the output of your panels to drop majorly, the rain does get some of this muck off but just like when you wash your car, there is still forms of dirt that not only makes a huge difference in the amount of energy your solar panels are capable of producing.


Cleaning your solar panels periodically will ensure optimum output and extend their longevity.

Professional Trained & Insured Cleanings Services need to use the right equipment and safety precautions when cleaning your Solar Panels to make sure no damage is caused during the process and for the life of the Panels

Our solar panel cleaning includes a hand scrub and de-ionized (DI) water rinse. Scrubbing breaks down all the dirt on the panel so that it can be thoroughly rinsed clean. The rinse water is Pure Water, it contains no dissolved solids to dry on your panels which means they stay cleaner longer. When we are done, your panels will be clean and spot free so your panels can operate to their maximum efficiency.

The Sunshine Coast has one of highest numbers of households with solar power and we provide the areas most thorough solar panel cleaning service.

Live on the Sunshine Coast? Call Josh on 0420 690 059 to have your Solar Panels cleaned.

Need more than solar panel cleaning? We can help with your window cleaning and gutter cleaning as well.

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